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James Brown's Place


James Brown, local entrepreneur and renown cook, opened James Brown’s Place Friday, March 27, 1998, at 1356 Culver Road near Merchants.

“Lest You Think You’re The First To Ever Ask. No! James doesn’t sing or dance, and he doesn’t think the joke is funny after being asked that question every day for the last 30 years.”

Inspired by his friends who have been pushing him, to share his culinary magic for years, Mr. Brown jumped at the opportunity to assume management of what was formerly Mike’s Family Restaurant. “If I was going to do something like this, I needed the right place,” said Mr. Brown. “I found what I was looking for. A large and well lit establishment with a cooking station right out in front of the counter that allows me to cook for my customers and schmooze with them at the same time.”

James Brown's Place
James Brown's Place
James Brown's Place
James Brown's Place

ContestCommonly asked Questions About James Brown

No, James is not from New Orleans. His mother was, thus, the Cajun influence on the menu. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

James' name is James. Not Jim or Jimmy!

When trying to get the attention of the cooks, "YO" is not the greeting of choice!

Our specialty breads for french toast are baked on premise.

Our turkey is fresh roasted, it is not turkey roll.

We are not a "Soul Food Restaurant", we are an "American Diner".

Our BBQ ribs are pork. James doesn't cook beef ribs.

No, our hash is not home made.

We opened May 1st, 1998. You do the math.

This has been a diner since the late 1950's (originally Jim's Clock).

James is not an ex-policeman. They come here because of the food.

James is a die hard Yankee fan.

Do you know the best kept secret in rochester? JB's BBQ Ribs on Friday night.